Pandora's Book
2001-07-03 17:57:25 (UTC)

parents and privacy

Tuesday, July 3 2001

I hate that my parents dont respect or give me any privacy.
They feel that I shouldnt have anything to hide. Sometimes I
do, sometimes I dont. Or If I am hiding something I should
not be. They have the 'right' to know. yeah, whatever.
Thats not always the point. It really bothers me when they
walk into my room and start messing around in my things.
Like today I was getting dressed and my dad walks in and just
starts sweeping my floor. The later when I was in the
bathroom my mom came in and made my bed then yelled at me cuz
I had clothes on my floor. I left the room and when I got
back she was sorthing through them messing up the dirty and
clean ones! ARG! No wonder Im so parainoid all the time. I
cant even keep a real diary cuz Im so scared that they will
find and read it. What is their friggen problem? I dont
think its too much to ask for them to just leave me alone!
If I keep my room neat and clean then they should have no
reason to go in. Most of the time it is like that. They still
barge in and go through my stuff though! arg.