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2002-07-22 12:51:43 (UTC)

Cooler is better!

Yesterday was horrible. Not only did I wake up with a
migraine thanks to the weather, but it got to be over 100
degrees. I HATE the heat. I am so very thankful that we
have an AC unit in our bedroom. I spent most of the day up
there, but I was cool. Next spring we'll get one for
downstairs and then my horizons will be broadened. The
humidity was quite high. Then around 5 o'clock the
temperature dropped almost 30 degrees and it started
raining. Boy, was I happy!! I don't know how I managed in
Florida for so long, but I'm glad we don't live there any

Days like yesterday I always feel are wasted in that I
can't get anything done around the house that I'd like to.
But I guess there's no sense in getting upset over it
either. I just wish I didn't get a migraine every time a
front comes through. Well, autumn will be here soon enough!

I'm getting my hair cut this morning. Then I'll have to
review the materials for this week's lessons so I'm not
completely unprepared. Our son so loves our school time,
it's really a blessing for me.

Well, better run!

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