Good morning, penguins!
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2002-07-22 10:38:17 (UTC)

More camp

Didn't write that new entry. Got too busy talking about
the cello (the school I started last year requires that you
play a stringed instrument. I picked the cello. I was
playing some short pieces with my mom on the piano. Some of them
were written for 2 people on a piano. The cello doesn't go that high
(well, I don't go that high), so we had my dad play the higher notes
on the simpler part (on the piano). That was a weird sentence. Gah!
My computer keeps freezing up! It's made me come back and edit to
add more twice already! I was going to write about camp, wasn't I?
Now I can't think of what I wanted to say. Oh well. I guess I'll stop