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2001-07-03 17:08:32 (UTC)

July 3, 2001

Hey all. Today is kind of one of those days ya know. Like
I want to go to my friend's house tonight right, and maybe
see some fireworks at the place where she works. and then
tomorrow we're sposed to go and chill all day w/this dude
(the same dude who we ran over to his house) but there is
just one problem. i feel like shit right now. i have a
busting headache, my stomach hurts, and of course, as
always, its just my neck, my back, my neck and my back,
lol. But what i don't get is like whenever i get the
chance to go and do something fun, i get sick...and i don't
know why. once i get there i'm fine, but before that it's
like ew gross. It pisses me off, but oh well I took some
medicine and I am feeling a bit better. The next obstacle
is to be like, mommy, please please please let me go to
sheri's tonight? ok, nicole, but you know that i don't
like this, i don't want your reputation screwed up? mom,
what the fuck are you talking about? you know what i'm
talkin about. if your life gets screwed up, don't say i
didn't tell you so. whatever, i'm gonna go and have fun,
bye, love ya. and that's how the conversation will go, as
always. oh well, i guess i will go and sleep so i can feel
better for tonight.
~You know tha name