It smells like poop over here
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2002-07-22 06:58:13 (UTC)

told them all i wasn't come back, for a long time

what i wouldn't give for a vacation. the suicide
machines "permanent holiday". i wanna go away and not come
back, for a long time. rich and i are gonna go to cali next
summer, and we're gonna have our friends tell people we
died, so when we roll back into town, everyone will be
like "whoa, i thought you were dead!"
i didn't wake up till 2 today. i got woken up a few
times. it was raining and the droplets where hitting me in
the face. and i just randomly woke up too. i don't know
why. i did register for school though. i hope i can get
into the classes i signed up for. film and video
production, weight training, american history and
socialogy. mondays and wednesday. it's a lot better than
the other schedule i had. it was tuesday and thursday, like
i wanted, all classes i wanted to take, just not all at the
same time. anthropolgy, american history, psychology, and
socialogy. i even wanted to throw in world history, and
possibly philosophy. i figured i shouldn't take that cause
i didn't know what the description meant, i figured that
meant i shouldn't take it.
rich, jay, travis and i went to vengence tonight
though. the WWE, formerly WWF, pay-per-view. it was down at
joe louis. i got some tix off tim, the tri-county salesman.
he sat with us. good PPV too. kidman did a shooting star
press, he missed, but he did it. i love that move. it's a
back flip off the top rope, but he shoots himself forward.
i wanna try it, but i get scared when im up top. RVD kept
his IC title from brock lesner, that match was sweet. HHH
aligned himself w/ RAW and shawn michaels. the rock won the
three way between himself, kurt angle and the undertaker
for the undisputed title. jericho jobbed to the
prototype...i mean john cena. i can't really remember much
else. we had great seats, 3rd row, first bowl, just off the
the side. right by the turn buckle. it was soooo cool. you
could see everyone pretty good.
it wasn't quite the same as TV, cause there were no
commentators and no mic for the ring. still a great time. i
wanted to mark out so much and start chanting and
screaming, but i know rich and the boys would ridicule me
for it. ohhh, taz and michael cole came out just before the
PPV and kicked out jerrry "the king" lawler and jim ross.
but they came back after like an hour. it was cool to have
taz commentating on a PPV, even though i didnt' hear it.
his music hit and i thought he was wrestling, but he came
out in a suit and with michael cole. but oh well, he still
rules and is the master of the suplex.
we had dinner at rich's, his mom made spaghetti; jay
had 3 helpings. but i said to chris (rich's gorgeous sister
that i want so bad) "when's a good date for you?" she
says "im free next weekend, why?" "so we can get married.
vegas!" "oh yeah baby" yeah, thing is, id marry her. but
she's still gonna go out with chad, probably marry him.
he's a good guy, i like him. that's what makes me hate him
so much. haha, im jk. i don't actually hate him, im just
extremely jealous that he's got chris.
haha, im still a sucker. it seems that whichever girl
i talk to or see first inthe morning, is the girl i want oh
so badly for that day. yesterday it was anna, today it was
chris. im talking to marta now, so when im going to try to
sleep, it'll be her again. later it's gonna be jessica,
then laura, then...who knows. anna will be in there
again,and whenever i see chris next my obsessions will go
back to her. stupid emotions,i hate you all! course, hate
is an emotion. infatuations.
im infatuated with girls., but only the one's i can't
have. their either beautiful and too old; gorgeous, dont'
take me serioulsy and are taken; too young and don't want
what i want. or something else will get inthe way. i was
hoping id find a companion in jess. i get so frustrated
with virginity, and not having anyone. two very cruel
things when your 19, going on 20. constant pressure, and
constant talks with my friends, and having two choices. lie
to those who know you best, or not say anything. most of my
friends do know me, so we stray from those topics, and i
usually say nothing.
i used to watch the wonder years, and see how my life
wasn't like kevin arnold's. he had just about everything.
great girl, best friend, but just so many good stories to
tell. i konw it was TV, but where do writers get there
ideas? personal experience. that means just about everyone
of those episodes, someone lived that adventure. adventure.
what a great word. life is an adventure. finally, i've
gotten to that point in writing when my emotions spill.
now. tomorrow will be different, i'll be regular mike. not
mike with a mind, not mike with depth. just mike, alger
stock boy on the monday morning shift as usual wiht kit and
chuck. i can't wait to go to school monday mornings. ugh, i
can't believe i just said that.