My so called life...
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2002-07-22 06:58:13 (UTC)

Nor Cal. So Cal foreva'

Listening to - John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth (I've been
listening to this damn song for the last 3 days straight. I
can't get it out of my head.)

Reading - Gear Magazine (Christian Slater is on the cover.
Yah, I know he's a good lookin' guy and was in the movies
Robin Hood and Pump up the Volume but PLEASE, he just don't
compair to the half naked women you usually have on the
cover. Hey, I'm a guy. What else do you want me to say.)

In terms of the weather, today just seemed like another
picture perfect Southern California day. Clear blue skys
poka dotted with soft milky clouds, kissed by the gental
pacific breeze that maintained the perfect 80 degree
afternoon. I just love days like that. I guess I'm very
fortunate in that this was just a typical afternoon. I love

I can't see myself living anywhere else. Wether it be in
Nor. Cal or So Cal (Northern California or Southern
California), I just love it here. I don't think there is any
other place in the world that can compare. Its not just the
360 days of Sunny weather a year. (I'm not exagerating when
I say 360 days either.)Or the vast amount of diversity and
cultures here. Its everything. Its such a funny place here
too. Beverly Hills, known for its outragous wealth and
luxury is only 20 minutes from Compton, the notoriously
famous gang bangin' capital of the world. Well this is the
land of Hollywood, "where dreams come true."

Well happy dreams to all of you and remember to keep your
glock's clocked and ready to rock cuz the trip from 90210
straight up to Compton is only a short C-walk away. Yo YO YO
word to yo Mudda's Peeaaaaa.....ce :) God I crack myself