Get with my program or get off my case.
2001-07-03 17:01:00 (UTC)

Solar Nail polish, In-kind hrs, and various other shit.

I've been painting my nails. They're multi-toned gold and
purple. Wow.
Well, my mom got a job, which is good, she's off my case a
little. So she's out of town, my dad's at work, my bro and
sis are at my grandmother's... leaving me here with the
dog. That's ok, he's a better conversationalist than most
of the pplz. I know. all my friends except Adrianna are
treating me like I have the plague, no one responds to my e-
mails, no one writes me back when I send them letters, and
I have left more messages on K2's machine than... I can't
even count that high. I know if Big Man was in town he'd
talk to me, he only lives three blocks away but he's in San
Antonio for the summer. Life sux.
Another thing that bites is I can't drive. 17 and I'm
still not good at it. I was driving down the access rd. to
Wal-Mart the other day, turned left off the 1 way access rd
into a 5 lane rat's nest, turned into the wrong lane. Oh
well at least they had a red light a block away so we
didn't have a wreck. My mom nearly had a heart attack.
My dog has a feather sticking out of his nose. How funny.
WTF? Have you been trying to eat my bird again? No she's
over there but that was just strange.
bored bored bored...

Ok. today's song (actually we have more than one today) is
by Matchbox 20. This is the song that made me fall in love
with Edward.
"can you help me i'm bent i'm so scared that i'll never get
put back together you're breaking me in and this is how we
will end with you and me bent... start bending me it's
never enough till i feel all your peices start bending me
keep bending me until i'm completely broken in" -Bent by
Matchbox 20
And now for our second quote of the day (Also by Matchbox
"Yes it's true that I believe I'm weaker than I used to be
I wear my heart out on my sleeve and I forget the rest of
Yes there's times I've been afraid and there's no harm in
that I pray cuz I'm more frightened everyday someone will
take the hope I have away.
All the times I've given in you fit me like a second skin
and one by one I will begin to wear you on the days I'm
feeling thin.
You'd better stop, stop, stop, using me up you'd better
stop cuz I've had enough and I'm ready to forget the
reasons that keep me here." -Stop by Matchbox 20
Well that's all for right now. I'll check in later, oh and
SilverNinja or whatever thanks for the quote.
"All stupid people, please get on the bus leaving now." -
SilverNinja's diary.