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2002-07-22 06:22:25 (UTC)

she's crafty

Yes i am and that's what i've been told. Anyway, I'm
planning a party for my friend but all my other friends have
been sorta negative about it which sucks, but i think she'll
have fun. It's been a bit stressful but i love planning
things, i'm ordering her cake tomorrow. In other news i
talked to my ex today it was kinda weird, i invited him to
the party and he might stop in for a bit....I also sorta
invited Mr. T i didn't think he'd have a lot of fun cause he
doesn't know many of my friends, including who the person's
for but we might be hanging out soon so that should be cool
as long as he doesn't flake again, then i must kiiiiiiillll
him. Just kidding well sorta he's flaked on me several times
one was for my graduation.....the next was a punk prom both
times sorta breaking my heart.or at least disappointment, i
really wish he hadn't broken the punk prom that ended up
being a bad night for me and if i'd had a friend it would
have been better, well i had a friend but they weren't
helpful. I mean he had pretty legitimate reasons for not
being able to come his mom was mad and both times he didn't
have a ride. Anyway I think i'll start writitng stories
again, those are always fun. Hey and now i get to take Matt
Damon to college.


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