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2002-07-22 02:54:37 (UTC)

I am hero - may not try it home

Sunday I was in lonely street of my home town. The pet dog
followed me. Some people was visiting town to find some
house for rent. When the pet dog recognized some riot dog
of that street. In the fight the people atacked the pet dog.
I just asked him if he wanted to enjoy the fight too. After
some talk where I won I told him to do not be so angry. And
I gave him my business card. Maybe I could send people to
business to help that people of office to earn cash.
Some workers in my building and neighbourhood are stealing
the pet dog food cup with food. Any people did not tell who
stoled the food cups. It is a lack of respect and taste of
good life.
Well better day for Monday. I saw Mel tonight. She is good
but felt apart and lonely. I will give her an example of
being good. To tell her about false friends and mistakes
did not work in past. Only examples would do it.