a little taste of me
2001-07-03 16:45:25 (UTC)

hi! im been so busy these past..

hi! im been so busy these past few days i have not been able to write. but i have been upset or feeling blue because july 5 is 2 years that i will know and love jesse. i really want to see him. its really hard on me not being able to see him. i wish i could see him but the truth is my wishes dont ever come true no matter what i do. i even pray for him to come back. it work one time but why isnt it working this time. i guess that time was a streak of luck. its like i cant keep a boyfriend because they leave me. i know its them with their super high ego. because i didnt do anything wrong. i gave them what they wanted and they stayed for a while and jesse even asked to marry me. and now look at me. im alone because he left me. he moved away with some friends. it feels like he died or something. i love him and i dont want ot get over or i cant get over him. its like someone is telling me to keep holding on because he might come again. why is it taking so long? i pray to god for another chance with him but its like no matter what i do i wont ever see him again. well im trying to make an effort to see him. until then im going to have fun with myself and not feel so blue.go out to a party some time. thank you sheri for talking to me you are a great friend. i hope that we continue to talk. thanks to my sis pam who is always listening and thank u to my cousin katie we are also going through the same thing.