No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-07-22 05:38:15 (UTC)

my day and other things

why do people do this to me? Maybe they hate no
thats not it. I know I'm loved. *sigh* its nothing
bad...and I cant talk about it in here because of certain
people who know this exists and more than likely...ok so I
really do think they read it because they have in the past.
If that isnt complicated I honestly dont know what is. lol.
I was taking online quizes and my little sister snuck out
of her room to come see what I said. Apparently...she cant
read right and thinks I'm a terrible whore. lol. She cant
see from way back there. lol. She acts like I didnt know
she was there. The first time I didnt...the 2-4th time I
did lol. Anyways...yeah I'm tired.
When this song ends I'm going to bed. I'm listening
to 'Tell me Truly' by Riddlin Kids...awesome awesome song.
I put the lyrics to it in my diary not to long ago.
I cleaned my entire room...dresser...closet...under the bed
ALL of it. For those of you who know me you know my room is
generally spotless anyways so it really doesn't make TOO
much of a difference...but I cant tell there is a
difference so yeah and stuff. It's cool. lol...I need sleep
Ok song ended...I type really really fast most the time.
Expalains my typos. lol. Yeah I'm weird I know. Well, I'll
talk to you know what? I realized typing comes
naturally. I can look at the screen and never look down adn
not worry about what buttons I'm pushing and things like
that...woah! Weird! Ok, going to sleep now. Good night!
"tell me truly what were doing all i know is i cant deal
with this anymore you and I could chnage the world somehow
doesnt make a difference right now."
~Riddlin Kids