Daily Confessions of the Vida Perigosa
2002-07-22 05:37:40 (UTC)

Life would be ecstacy you and me endlessly, groovin' on a Sunday afternoon. - Rascals,

It's 12:15...
I got in a few minutes ago from hanging out with Justin.
Now, I am watching Sorority Life on MTV. Oh Well. . .

I believe Justin and I had a beautiful night. I hope he
had just as good of a time as I did.
He came over and helped me out with the video that I have
to deliver at 11 in the morning. Then, we went to the
Cemetary. Strange place...yes, I know...but, it was nice
with him. We got to talk about things and it was really
beautiful. We went to Wal Mart for a little bit, ... just
being with him is so special to me.

I was reading through my old diaries...wanted to share some
excerpts that I wrote about him...

Sunday May 26 ... "I have absolutely loved every moment
I've spent with Justin. He is wonderful."

Wednesday May 29 ... "..when I am with him I lose all track
of time, almost as if everything stops and nothing else in
the worlds matter. ... It doesn't matter if I'm watching
him smile or kissing his smile..he makes me happy. That's
what truly matters."

Wednesday June 5 ... "I think I could call this love."

I dunno...just representin' my dorkiness...but I can't help
it, I love him. It's like all of this has just flown at
me, in such a short amount of time...but, it's so beautiful
and so amazing. I couldn't ask for anything else.

Oh Well...
Nothing new is really happenin' in my life.

I just recently got back from visiting my grandparents' in
Mississippi. Evidentally, Jessica (my cousin)
has "borrowed" money from her parents' bank account for her
boyfriend, Patrick. I dunno...I cannot believe that her
parents believe she really took it, INTENDING to pay them
back. Of course she didn't. But, she got caught, claimed
she'd pay them back and they were okay with it. Then, they
turned around and are paying for her college tuition. I
dunno, it's crazy.

So, I am going to get off of here, because I am blabbing
about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I am going to get writing some
other things...

Real Sweet Peace and Love,
h o l l y

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