Paradise HAHAHA
2002-07-22 05:37:20 (UTC)

Wonderful weekend

Well, friday I took the day off and relaxed for most of the
day. Saturday was Sarahs b-day so we all got together and
went drinking at a hotel. We had a good time and I saw a
few friends that I havent seen in a while. Laughing and
talking and joking all night. We all got really buzzed.
Sarah was wasted. We fell asleep at about 2 am and I woke
up at ROUD 9 AM to go home and change to go to Phils.
Spent teh day there. When I got there he was all alone. I sat down
and started to relax and goof off with him. His dad and mom came
home from the hosptail that his grandfather was at after the surgey.
We were planning to eat hamburgers for dinner when Lacey called and
said she was in town so we drove up to Fremont. We met at Spoons and
had dinner with her and Sarah. We drove back to Morgan Hill and I
wenr to sleep. I fell asleep at 7 pm and woke up at 9 and we had sex
for a while and then relaxed for a few then I drove home!!!