My Life & My Memories
2002-07-22 04:54:37 (UTC)

New life, new people, new surroundings..

Hmm..Well, its been a month and over since I left my home.
I already feel home sick and I am longing to go back but
then I cant. Not for another year or so.

You know what? I have developed this new habit of day
dreaming when I am all alone in the days. I dont know, but
I dream about things which I have completely forgotten to
dream about or think about but I think it is human nature
to do that. Its true that an empty mind is a devils
workshop. I think and imagine things I have never done
before or even if I did, I used to just push the thought
away but now I have nothing to distract me so I keep
thinking and dreaming and imagining.

I just wish I had someone to share my thoughts with.

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