The Nightshade Princess
2002-07-22 04:17:11 (UTC)

Bullet with butterfly wings

I spent all last night weeping, sobbing until the
tears alchemized into the death-like trance of sleep. I
think last night that Andrew loved me enough to leave.
That sacrifice I shall always remember.... I know not what
the future holds. He told me to seek him out if I wanted
him again. I cannot stop thinking of this. That is the
ultimate love... to love someone to the point of leaving,
to try and make them happy, knowing that it shall break
your heart into so many fragments... Goddess... this is
true tragedy, being caught in such a situation. ::weeps
anew and rocks herself slowly:: Only the Gods know what
shall be, what is meant to be... ::funereal wailing echoes
off the icy stone walls, and darkness descends::