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2002-07-22 04:16:13 (UTC)


WWOOOOOOWWWW It's been a long time since I last wrote in
here. I know I said that last time. Ever look back on
something you wrote ages ago and remember what you were
doing in that part of your life? like a recap. Well that's
what that last entry was to me...since then...school got
horrible. All of my girl friends ditched me...and I cried,
but then I got mad, and then I got over it. I tried to stay
for Timmy, but things with my mom were getting
horrible...we fought EVERY day and she got physical and I
finally said FUCK IT!! I DONT NEED THIS! So...my last day
of drill team camp..I left for Dad's house for good. So now
I live in Burleson and will be going to mansfield schools
in a few weeks. I SURE MISS TIMMY THO. I dont see him every
day and that sucks.In fact..Im going to write a poem about
it later...just decided that. So you witnessed that and I
cannot back down on that..I have to write him a poem for
his birthday. I tried to go back to Mom's for a week to see
if I could stick it out....miserable failure..lead to
another fight. OH WELL...poor Timmy I feel so bad for him.
I shouldnt have left him there. But I see him a lot. He
came Friday, left friday, came saturday, left saturday.
That's devotion Im so thankful for that. I have the best
boyfriend in the world. I.heart.Timoteo. Ive been doing
really good racing lately. I won again yesterday. Im going
to Denver in 2 weeks. I gotta go now..Ill finish tomorrow.

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