My Journal...
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2001-07-03 13:44:38 (UTC)

The Letter...

Cathy came over this morning. In fact, she pretty much
woke me up! It was approaching midday, so I guess I should
have been awake, when I heard the doorbell ring.
Straightaway I knew it was Cathy - I had been expecting
her. However, I was kinda asleep... and I was in no
position to answer the door, so I figured that I would stay
in bed until she had gone. What I did not realise was that
the front door was open... so, concerned, she let herself
into the house. It was at the point I realised that I
should probably get up, and make myself look mildly
presentable! I looked so sleepy...

Anyway, after an hour of pretty pointless, and in a
sense "forced" discussion, she left me to read the letter.
I have to admit, the letter was not on the subject I had
expected. I was expecting her to engage in a full debate
about my relationship with Alex - as she seems to believe
that feelings on my part are being concealed. However, the
letter was regarding Alex's stay on Saturday - how I am
naive and unaware. I am unsure as to what to make of the
letter - it was worded in a way that implied I was
clueless. I know that her purpose in writing the letter
was to show that, as a friends, she cares about how people
will interpret events and change their