Lethal Tears
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2001-07-03 13:34:32 (UTC)

Time passes by

Why do things keep on going bad? The weed-story is almost
solved, although there is no solution, the only thing I can
hope is that it won't happen again when I will be able to
see/feel/hear it. But now, it's again the old trust-
story. I don't trust the guy. I have my reasons, he
doesn't get it. Those reasons I am not gonna tell now,
just beacuse I don't feel like doing it.

So why am I writing? Wel, when we were discussing this
matter (of trust) I said that he'd ebtter never leave me
because he cheated on me or somehting like that. He always
says he's not gonna cheat .... but he can't really tell.
So I said "you better not lie, you may not lie" then he
said " look who's talking". This because I lied about my
former boyfriend, I explicitely asked him not to blame me
for that lie, because at the end I was honest by telling
him. So I couldn't take his way of acting and I left.

I don't know why, I don't kbnow whether it is only my
fault, but things betweenus go bad to worse. Is this some
kind of sign? Because honestly I don't want a relationship
where I have to make something good every 2 minutes, if u
know what i mean.

It seems like we are not made for eachother, and that is
really painful because I really like this guy. Or maybe I
just like him because he is the only one I ever had (for
myself). Wel not totally for myself, he says he doesn't
want to be shared, but i know better... but that's another

I think today I wrote big shit in this f*cking diary, don't
mind me, live your life on