Life, Love and Heartache
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2002-07-22 03:42:55 (UTC)

Talk about a Good Night....

It was so great last night. I talked to Mr. Charming and
things were really good. I mean, I know he is still into
other girls, but we have some good conversations. Last
night was a good one to me. It was all about naughty
things, well to me them seemed kind of kinky. Anyways....
all in all it was a good night. It is too bad that I talk
to him so much. I am seriously falling in love with this
guy and I know my friends think I am nuts. I think I am
little nuts too, but I have faith.
At work today, a really sexy guy came in. I was hoping
so bad that it would turn out to be Prince Charming.... it
wasn't but he was still good looking. Now I find myself
looking at all kinds of guys wondering if it is him. Maybe
I am dreaming a little to much....

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