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2002-07-22 03:38:52 (UTC)

it's been 3 long days...

fri.- i went to six flages and it was pretty fun i hung out
with mendy almost the whole time. we got to ride about 4
or 5 rides so i guess that was pretty good since we left at
like 6:30.
my cusines spent the night it was cool. i think me and
mandy are becoming friends. i really havn't seen her since
we were little. it's cool.

sat.- we all went to the mall. me and mandy just walked
around. i got harassed by some guy in spencers. then we
went in mcdonalds and saw johnny. he tried to tell us they
were out of hamburgers. it was funny.
my cusines spent the night again. except shane.

sun.- we went to church. then we had to take mandy and them
home and kiersten is staying with them. then we came home.
then me mom nolan and gary went to the movies and saw men
in black 2 in was good. then we went and ate. now i'm here.

i was just talking to brandon and he seemed to be depressed
or something. then i was tring to cheer him up. but i think
he got mad or something and got off line really fast. he
thinks no one cares about him and all kinds of stuff that
is not true. i personaly think he's a really cool person.

well i have to work for the next three days. so my week
should go by pretty fast. i hope.

i'm out.

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