In Shaddy's Shadow
2001-07-03 13:29:11 (UTC)

Where have ya been?

Hmm Guess who called me last night!..Well anywayz the
day staeted out with my first day babysitten & then i went
home at 5. i went to Kevin's house to chill for a while, We
walked down to Mike's crib that's where Derek was. I
chilled with D for a while and took his hat, i was hoping
he'd come after me to get it but he didn't, i still got his
hat at home!! =O)

Well i called Carl to see where he was at & come to find
out he went to his brother's (sexy Tommy's) for the night.
Oh well i saw my boo Jason whipping in his phat ass truck,
he almost ran me over. Then I saw my boo Fred (carl's BF)
i started talking to him about all the shit going down
between me and Carl. I don't know why i told him
everything when it's all gonna get back to Carl!!..Ya know
Bros before Hoes!!..That's soo fucked up..! but anywayz i
went into Fred bedroom last night.. Oh He's soo sexy, he
kinda looks like Eminem but he's a real blond and he got
these bangin blue eyes.

well anywayz Kevin's sister Wendy took me home, she's
madd cool. I got home at 12. my dad tryed to tell me i'm
not going anywhere today, Damn is he wrong i'm out as soon
as i get home. but anywayz come to find out yesterday i'm
gonna get PAID for babysittin, & i don't mean $50...i mean
$140.. good lord that's a lot of!