the ups and downs of my life
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2002-07-22 02:42:31 (UTC)

this weekend

friday i went to the bowling alley with my dad brother and
sis and we each gave eachother wierd names on the scoring
machine. i was jelly bean, my sis was butter bean, jeremy
was dynamite dan and dad was Mr fix it. lol it was fun. we
played one game and my score was a 109 or something and
thats pretty good seeing i havent played in a yr or two .
i used to be on a team a few yrs ago but i quit b/c the
ppl on my team were annoying.

well on saturday i went to the park with my dad and played
b-ball. i fell and skinned my knees and lateri jammed one
of my fingures trying to catch the ball. when i looked
down at my leg again there was blood half way down my leg
so i went home. an hour later i went to the movies wih
jess and tracy and it was fun. we saw Mr Deeds. it was an
ok movie but i saw half the funny stuff on the previews
before. then one r way out my flip flop broke. lol and
they also gave us lolipops. yumm. i might go back there
just for those good lolipops. lol so then we went home..i
found out i have all my classes with jess except the gym
and biology are switched. i still dont know anyone i have
gym yet.

on sunday (today) i did absolutly nothing cuz i got
cramps and weas in pain from that plus my knees that i
fell on yesterday.

o yeah and sonja said she doesnt think ash cut herself and
if she did it is probaly like a paper cut..not real deep/
so thats good.

well thats all for now.


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