Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-07-22 00:59:20 (UTC)

erinz is such a fuck

ok im back from colorado. and i whuz SOOOOO glad. erin
bitched da whole time bout ANYTHIN and EVERYTHIN. i whuz so
fuckin annoyed by her. we finally got home and she didnt
even say bye or anything to me. just got outta da car
walked inside and called allen and jeremy. she is so
pathetic. she chasin' dem round like sum luv sick puppy.
itz so sad itz funny. and we talked bout going to super
splash on sunday and shit and turnz out she went wit jeremy
and completely ditched me. wut a fucking cunt. haha and now
everyone is pissed at her..and shez all like "u mean the
world to me allen""i luv u so much jeremey". and im cracked
up. she would do anything to have dem like her. so sad so
sad. i laugh at her patheticness