my life as an idiotic axe murderer
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2001-07-03 10:56:01 (UTC)

Should I be sober???

I haven't been sober in about one and a half week now. been
stoned, drunk or drunk and stoned.
Maybe I should get sober for a day? Nah, no way.
Life suckls sober at the moment.
What is going wrong? what is not going wrong would be a
better question I think. But it isn't so bad as long as I
am under the influence of something. Maybe tomorrow I will
try and be sober? But then again I have said thta for the
last 6 days. So what? I only live once, right? So why not
really fuck it up well then?
Ok, niot really anything to tell at the moment, will
continue this later.
I have tried to update this journal few days ago aswell
btw, but when I pushed button for update journal and it
said your jour journal is updated, there was othing to see
in the journal? weird, maybe I am stupid then? well guess I
am, but I already knew that. ;-)