the daily life of a dork
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2002-07-22 00:23:21 (UTC)

thoughts of a POH (prisoner of home)

i hate my life... wish i was dead. i never get to leave my
damn house and have fun nemore. the only reason i ever get
to go out is cuz my parents don't want to leave me at
home. i want to kill myself to just get away from it all.
if im lucky one day im going to go asleep and just never
wake up. i never get to see my friends nemore. all i see
is my family, my family my family!!!! and all they do is
complain about me in the first place. my friend aleesha
came by and my dad didnt even say i was home. i watched as
the car pulled away from my window. i feel like a prisoner
in my own house. every time i try to leave something always
comes up. i never have fun weekends. its always go with the
family while they go to fries electronics or whatever. my
dad has been hella mean lately he always says we can go to
the mall or something this weekend but it just ends up
being going to the bookstore so he can look at his
magazines and read about some stupid kung fu. i take kenpo
almost every day and im on the demo team for my school i
dont want to go look at a magazine full of it. i love
taking martial arts, but im not obsessed in a freaklike
way. all day all he does is watch cheap kung fu movies that
he gets from the electronics store. the movies he gets all
look the friggin same its always about some monk escaping
from some manchus and some monk who betrays the whole dojo
or something along those lines. i used to like them, but
my dad's obsession with it makes me not like them. he
watches them till one in the morning. im just sick of
being at home and not getting to see my friends. i wish
more of my friends could drive and i could leave. sometimes
i want to just go and not come back for a couple days. even
missing kenpo for a day would be ok for me. i just want to
be out and see my friends like ne normal teenager. must b
too much to ask for i guess. newayz im out-

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