Life of Joolz
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2001-07-03 10:44:37 (UTC)

Tuesday 3rd July 2001 Hottest day of year so far

Hiya-tis 11.45am and just a short one for now.Bedlam again
and workmen were late today. 10.15 am they turned up-lazy
Am so fed up of noise and hammering that we're off out this
aft. Anywhere as long as it's away from this house! Very
very hot and humid-77c now. And the sun is out which makes
it worse-wouldn't mind but can't even sit out coz of
Thinking of seeing about cushionfloor for bathroom. We have
same in kitchen and it's lovely, lasts for ages it does.
That would be the last of my expenditure if Ron agrees to
Ron was in morky mood last night, whingeing that he
couldn't sit out and it's his week off work-terrible
tantrummy mood. Went to bed at midnight with cuppa in huff.
men are just big babies and want it all ways. let him have
lie in till 9.15-I was up at 7.30 sat amongst scaffolding
on patio feeding the birds. Lovely and peaceful till 8am
when next doors builders turned up and delivery lorry full
of bricks arrived, so noise again from 8 there.
Have done me roots, beige blonde again-looks alright but
ends are dry, probably due to paint in it. Natural Dulux
streaks, cheap at half the price. Off now till tonight.

5.15pm and all quiet on western front.
Unbearable heat this aft-escaped bedlam here but too hot to walk
anywhere-was sweating me tits off after 15 mins. Good to escape tho.
Also comp has been down for ages-couldn't make connection!! Twat!!
Said 'disconnected from computer you dialled' eh?? this ISP stinks.
Might change to BT or summat. Anyway am on now for 10 mins-Sent a few
text messages and did what I set out to do this aft.
Ordered new cushionflor in 'maple', a very light subtle wood effect
for bathroom. Will be about 7 to 10 days before it comes.
Also Mr Hawthorn turned up at lunchtime and we've ordered a new front
door! Hurray!!!!!!!! I desperately need new front door as mine is
shite kentucky wood effort and is crap/ancient and horrible.
I liked this particular door, half glass, but didn't like any of the
glass designs, so he suggested custom made one. So I chose a frosted
glass with antique lead round pane of glass, and a very delicate (no
colour) bevel for middle of pane. The glass is not square, it sort of
goes up a bit at top like a gothic design. Out of all doors in this
brochure and glass designs/bevels etc, I didn't do too bad choosing
one within 25 mins. Lot of money tho-never mind. Will take about 8
weeks he said, unless they can fit me in inbetween other jobs. No
hurry though really I suppose. So that's just about the lot done.
Roofers may finish tomorrow evening or Thursday, but painter won't be
finished till approximately Saturday afternoon!! Still no privacy.
Bolox again.