2001-07-03 10:29:54 (UTC)

well on monday i ddint go to..

well on monday i ddint go to work got a sick leave for the
inflation in my ear very painfull i spent the whole day at
home but went to the hospital about 10 am it was soo crowded
i had to wait for quite a long time,,,
my mother was away in the minstry of labour so i had to go
walking i wish i can walk like that everyday quite an
excercise but so many guys aout there its really
uncomfortable reminds me of the incident i remember in 1995
when me and my cousin tahira went walking in ramadan about
12 pm and we got chased by a crazy man in his car , he
acuyaully though we were bad girls he kept chasing till i
threatned to throw rocks at teh window of his car he got
scared and went away!!
they showed an old movie in ART movies that i used to watch
when was like 5 or 6 years old i watched it,,,
then in the evening i went to the mall for internety csfe
but it as down so i just took a look at some shops and got
home ,, by the way i watched on star world the same
morning 'candid camera of america's scariest restaurants'
oh god that was a yuck ppl spitting while cooking the food
a lady cuts cuscomber into slices with her mouth then
spitts them into the plate , a girl combing her hair on teh
frying pan and cleaning her nails ,, ppl sitting on teh
food with thier bums exposed,,,i dont think i will ever eat
from outdoors again , i had doubts b4 but who can guarantee
the saftey if we dont see ppl cooking???
i fixed my self a sandwitch for my lunch today and i wont
order ,,
i watch a christian satalight channel in arabic called sat 7
broadcasting from Cypris for christians in teh middle east
and i will write my thoughts about this in another time