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2002-07-21 23:23:07 (UTC)


Well i am sad to report there has been a deadly car
accident. A bunch of people i knoe were drinking in the
woods, and decided to drive home ( smart, i knoe ) . Well
sadly they didnt make it home. In the car there was Josh,
he was driving Robby's blazer. Robby was in the back seat
with his gf, Sara. And Jess ( marcs ex, lol ) was in the
front seat. Well the car's back tire blew and it flipped a
few times and everyone except for Jess was thrown from the
car. Josh, died at the scene. Sara and Robby are at the
hospital, in critical condition. Sara has a broken pelvic
bone, broken leg, and broken collar bone. Robby has a hole
the size of a hand in the back of his head and another hole
right above his eye, that goes straight through to his
skull, he also has a broken arm. Jess, got 7 stitches right
above her eye. My friend James was in his own truck right
ahead of them and he saw the accident in his rearview mirror.
He hurried back and got help, he held Josh as he died. A
few friends went up the hospital to see Robby and Sara but
they werent allowed, Sara just has sugery and Robby is just
a mess. Robbys grandfather is now blameing James for the
whole thing. But everyone knoes, including James it wasnt
his fault and he could have done nothing to stop it. But he
still feels guilty. You think that if James could have done
something to save all of them from any harm he would've?
Hell yes, James is one of the nicest men i knoe. Well ill
write more as i find it out.

.. Oh did i mention that all of them are under 21? And
Robbys lucky he wasnt driving when Josh died or he would be
facing homicide charges. Robby's only 17 and he would be
spending the rest of his life in jail. Oh and Joshs finacee
just had a baby too. Thats what drinking and driving does.
You would think they would've been smarter eh? But they used
to do it all the time so why was this time any diff. right?
Well i guess this changed their point of view, or at least i
hope it did.