Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-07-21 22:28:05 (UTC)

Catching up to do!!!

OKOkOK I'm sry i havent written inna while, bat wat the
hell i'm going crazy i'm talking to my computer like it
cares. OK wtvr... My best friend Greg and i got together
the other day and he fingered me and i gave him a hand Job.
I kno it was a very sluttish thing to do, but i wanted to
do it, and the way i se it is theres no changing the past
so i'm jus going t have to live with it. I did feel guilty
but now i jus dont care. I cant wait to see Garrett, i only
have to wait 2 more weeks. I'm so happy! I'm also going to
Aruba for a week soon and i have to get a license to
scubadive so i can go with my dad. It's going to be so much
fun. Marren Invited me to go to Virginia beach with her and
i want to go so bad but i dont kno if i"ll be able to
becauase i have a really damn big swim meet and as usuall
evoryone is :counting" on me being there because I have to
get the team a lot of points. Damn, these days i'm so tired
of being in the fucking chlorine water, it's making me
sick. The litle voices are getting on my nervs too, ive
been hearing them all my life and they always try to tell
me wat to do and i'm totally going crazy because I'm
hearing fucking litkle voices in my head. I'm still trying
to learn to skateboard i dont kno if i sdaid that or not
but ive been learning and i'm getting better. I"m deff
going to Slygo Middle School next year thnk god because i
dont think id be able to spend one more year in that Rich,
Preppy, "Jappy" school. We have new neihbors now and there
from Africa, they have 2 boys and 2 girls. I think the
girls seem nice but lately i havent had time to get to know
them. I saw the movie MInority Report with my new friend
Alithia(i think thats how u spell it) and it was sucha
good movie, Alithia is really cool and i met her at the
pool. i think more people are warming up to me at the pool,
last year they hated me. i hope i'm not ditchin Yvett, she
was my first friend there, shes awsome. I"m taking care of
oure neighbors bird and the damn thing hates me. I like
birds but this one is a total ass!! lol, lmao! Ive been
taking a sewing class lately and it's goin great, I'm
really good, Ive made a whole lotta shit. Summer swim team
is almost over and i jus wanna make out with Josh soooooooo
bad, it's totally wrong becuase of my bf but who gicves a
fuck really. Josh is sorta on the swim team, he's not
really good but he's sooooo cute, i dunno thoiugh, he looks
sorta prude, but he's totally adorrable. But of course
theres no one cuter then Garrett my baby, i love him so
much and i miss him. I jus like making out with ppl and
it's totally freaky.heh I'm sucha slut ut wtvr, hahah maybe
i'll give a few had job's 4 some cash, lol. jk jk jk i
would never do that, well...... actually i would, but not
right now. maybe later **wink wink**

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