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2001-07-03 07:26:15 (UTC)

[email protected]#[email protected]#^#$%

So wat do i do now?
if you've read my previous entries, i talked about going
out with this girl now.
To recap, she sorta got hit on by a frend of mine with a gf
and didn't know he had a gf.
So now i'm going out with her, and i wanna see her
sometimes, but its so weird to invite her out with my
friends cuz he'll be there with his gf and i don't want
there to be some odd tension between them.
He's been my friend for a long time, and his gf's really
nice i don't want anything happening.

I asked the girl to come watch me play sports, but my
frends on the team too, and his gf usually comes along.
Weird eh? so what do i do? i guess i gotta talk to him and
let him know wats wat. God, why can't i just meet normal

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