Good morning, penguins!
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2002-07-21 21:30:32 (UTC)

Haven't written in a while.

Sorry I haven't written. I went to camp for 2 weeks and
then didn't feel like writing. It was "the Center for
Mathematics, Science, and Technology", or, as I call
it, "Nerd Camp". This is the second year I went there.
It's at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, which is,
sadly, a crudhole in the middle of chicken country. There
is a fine for stepping on the grass, which looks horrible
anyway. What's the point of the grass? They use the
sprinklers too much, even if it's pouring rain. once,
after a lot of rain, they mowed the lawn and I learned the
real reason you don't do that. It's not that the grass is
too soft and doesn't cut well (that's what I thought), it's
that if you drive your mower fast and make really tight
turns (like they do), you make big ugly muddy lines in the
grass. If you like food, this is not the college for you.
The joke was that everything, including the orange juice
and the silverware, was a poultry product. The bacon, the
sausage, and the ham were all turkey, and the orange juice,
like a very good imitation made from turkey, looks perfect
but tastes horrible. I go there because it's fun, not for
the food. You share a dorm room with one other person.
You're divided into groups, with different counselors.
This year, I had Sam, a new counselor. My "class" was
called "All the World's a Physics Toy", and we talked about
the physics of various fun things. On the second Monday we
went hang gliding. I loved it. We were towed up by an
ultralight (like a very small plane) instead of running
down a hill. The view was amazing. I actually wasn't
afraid, except for right before the landing. This
instructor comes in really fast, and then levels out
suddenly. It's really frightening. I will write more in
another entry. I have to go now, but I'll be back soon.

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