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2002-07-21 20:23:39 (UTC)

What I'm like

Well, I hate to talk about all the stuff that happened years ago. I'm really glad I got that taken care of early on. When I talk about the past I get rather worked up and sound like an idiot. So, let's just talk about what I am like now and some of my interests.
I'm a really quiet individual, I am the type that usually speaks when spoken to. I try not to draw attention to myself, but I will if it makes someone feel better. For example, sometimes I'll act like an idiot if I can cheer someone up. I'm an honest person and a dependable friend.
If I'm going out with someone, I'm the type of person who wouldn't even think about being unfaithful to my girlfriend. To me it's just not an option. I try to treat my girlfriends the best I can, I don't care about spending money on them, going places with them, giving up a night with the guys to be with them, I think that's what a boyfriend should do. I make sure they never forget that I'm thinking about them so I call them, write them e-mails, send them cards everyday. Sometimes this leads to girls abusing and using me though. They figure that I'm always going to be there even if they treat me bad, nevr talk to me cheat on me, but I can't take that for very long and I leave. Then they get sad because I leave, not many guys will do what I will happily do for my girlfriend.
Since I'm rather quiet offline, I haven't had many girlfriends. Girls tend to not give me a chance. I think it's because I'm ugly. People tell me that it's not true, but when I look in the mirror I think I am.
Ok, I'm going to stop right here because Trailer wants e to come into Fadedgoth with her. Yay, she's on! Ok, See you all later.

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