Scornful Idolatry
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2001-07-03 05:59:49 (UTC)

just because

Just because I ask for affection he refuses. Just because
I ask to be loved in return, he ignores. Just because I'm
human doesn't mean I can't feel raw emotion. I hate this
place. I hate this place I'm in. I hate everyone around
me. If I could crawl into a hole and die I would just to
be away from you all. You thrive on making my heart ache
for something to glue it back together and I hate you all.
You're bastards. Jerks. Assholes. If anyone of you died
right now I'd be jumping up and down on my bed with joy.
Especially if you died, Gavin. Then...then I would be the
happiest person in the world. So why don't you take a long
walk off a short pier, or go play in heavy traffic.

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