2002-07-21 19:59:36 (UTC)

a few weeks later

It's been a while since I've written anything in here. Some
stuff has happened but it wasn't particularly significant.
This I guy I liked at school since I started 2 years ago
tried to pick me up at the bar... I was all psyched at
first, then he told me he was on drugs. (yeah, another
one). He never called me. I think he was looking for a one
night stand. That was fun. Then this guy from work asked me
to a movie. I went, but there was nothing. The guy wont
even speak to me now because I told him I wasn't ready for
a boyfriend. If he can't get in my pants he's not going to
waste his time being nice to me apparently. I mean, I had
only known the guy for 15 minutes before he asked me to a
movie. I said yeah sure why not, but that doesn't mean that
I'm committed to him for the rest of my life. Guys are such
dicks sometimes. Apparently Dan is still quite bothered by
the fact that I wont talk to him, and the last time he saw
my friend he was asking about me and whether I was still
mad and everything. I haven't seen him since then so I
don't know what he's gonna do when he sees me. I don't ever
expect him to appologize to me or anything. He figures one
day I'll just stop being mad at him, and then he can be my
friend or something. Guys are dicks.
Met a guy last night at the bar who's a hockey player.
Don't know how that's gonna go. It's been wierd. I kinda
want a boyfriend but I don't at the same time. Really
wierd. Leanne is seeing this guy named Kim now so we've
been out with him and his friends a few times lately.
They're pretty nice guys. And I also kind of like his
friend. But I don't really really like him either. It's
just wierd. I don't understand it but I figure I'm just not
into the boyfriend idea right now.