In the World of Jefficus
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2001-07-03 05:58:58 (UTC)


Ok, I just posted my first entry, but I don't want to go to
bed... so I've decided to ramble on a bit.

A fucking hate my mom's boyfriend. He's such a loser...
GAHHH! I guess I'm just angsting, you know, fulfilling my
duties as a teenager or whatever, but he's serious shit.
His name is Steve, and he's been living with us for about 4
or 5 months I'd say. I have a pretty packed household:
there's me, my hairdresser mom, Steve (who's a rich
insurance broker --- so you can imagine why my mom is
interested in him), my sister Mindy (who's moving to Ottawa
in a few weeks to study photography), and her boyfriend
Tim. It gets a little hectic around here sometimes, but
for the most part it's bearable. I have my own space and I
basically come and go as a please. Minn, Tim and I get
along pretty well. I get along ok with my mom, but I have
a serious love/hate relationship with her (one she doesn't
consciously know about). I love her because she tries so
hard to give us everything we want/need, but at the same
time I hate her and resent her for all the stuff she's done
to us over the years. It's hard to sum it all up... My mom
is an alcoholic and also has fibromyalgia, which leads to
her having a depression problem she takes prozac for.
Also, she's obsessive compulsive and comes from an abusive
family. So you can imagine she's had quite the rough ride
through life thus far. For a few years she stopped
drinking, but after she divorced my stepfather and Steve-
The_Asshole moved in, she's started drinking again. It's
so disgusting... Apparently, rumor has it, she sometimes
takes shots before going to work. Both her and Steve drink
way too much. I resent them both a lot for that.
Steve is a total slob and makes huge-ass messes in the
kitchen ALL the time. My sister cleans up after him. And
after my mom, too. They're both slobs. It's fucking
gross. Steve's just a jerk to the core. He made us get
rid of our dog and our cat, he insults our step father
(whom we love very much), he treats my mom like she's his
whore, he's a pig and he's rude. I know it could be worse,
but even still. I want him dead. I guess saying that is
kind of incriminating if anything happens... but if so,
let's keep this all our little secret, eh? LoL
(Disclaimer: I have no current plans to kill Steve).