Thoughts to Share
2002-07-21 19:24:07 (UTC)

in between

So-I'm home for the summer. Well, have been for a month
or so, but just haven't been able to type any entries.
Mostly, I work. Although, apparently for the next 3 weeks
they have to cut hours. My last paycheck was nice though,
I'll appreciate it.
I've been shopping some, and must go some more.
Geez....having to go shopping. Ha. But, I apparently do
not have a very professional wardrobe. When I start my
first "proffesional" year, I suppose that calls for
professional clothes. I feel like I'm 30 already.
I got my first "assignment" for pharmacy school. As part
of our clerkship we have to help at the health fair
sponsered by the pharmacy school. My assigned topic is
herbal medicine. I find it interesting though. We're
supposed to start gathering information so that we can
answer questions. I found my first article today in a
magazine that my mother was reading. I'm not exactly sure
what's expected of me...so I'm just finding things as I
go. Thank goodness Olivia is a "T" so we're in the same
group. :-)
This next year-it scares me. I'm anxious, excited, and
quite intimidated...all at once.
Been hanging out with Blake some. And of course my
roommate. :-) We must talk at least every other day or
so. :-)
Played tennis last night...for a long time. Got a good
Next week I get all of my wisdom teeth taken out. On
Tuesday I believe. This shouldn't be such a scary thing.
I'm 20 yrs old...I can handle it. But-I'm scared. :-/
Apparently-although it's no big suprise...I have nothing
much to say in this entry.
Now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm just chilling. The rest
of my family has gone to look at a car. Apparently we're
getting another one. It's an Envoy and I would love to
drive it. It has a sunroof....I've always wanted a
sunroof. :-) But, it's a VERY nice car, and I've always
had a nicer car than my brother, so I'm going to let the
parental units make their decision, and I'll just be
happy. :-)