No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-07-21 18:47:12 (UTC)

I went to bed at 2 in the..

I went to bed at 2 in the morning and woke up at 12:30...I
really was feeling like shit. lol. I still do...*sigh* oh
well...I'll get over it. I always do!
My step-mothers diary said something about someone
harrassing her through IM. I guess she's finally getting
what she deserves. As she said....what comes around goes
around. She's finally getting what she deserves...I should
talk to whoever it is that sent her that and tell them how
great they are. I Wish I would have thought of doing
that..*sigh* oh well....too late now.
It's gray outside...I really hope it rains. I love rain!
School starts in 2 and a half weeks. I don't wanna go back.
Yes, friends are a reason to go back...but I hate how
stupid people are. I hate the stupid fights and everyone mocks everyone else for what they
wear...and all the other crap. You'd swear I go to middle
school. lol. But our high school has been like that. And
now I get another year of it! OH YEAH! gag me...please.
I guess I could say I've had a pretty good summer break.
Sure, I've had to deal with annoying little bitches...but
oh well. It's been alright. I got to see my sister Lisa, 2
of my nieces and my bother-in-law. So that made it good. I
guess people back home are teasing my Lisa for coming here.
That pisses me off. All they worried about while they were
hear is getting stuff for those back home and about how
things were going. And then they go home to getting
teased...that's wrong! They're just jealous. Now she's
thinking about canceling the wedding. For her I hope she
doesn't. She shouldn't have to miss out on things in life
do to other peoples stupidity. My sister Lisa is the
awesome and her, her fiance and her children don't deserve
this shit.
Music is awesome...all summer long all I've done is listen
to music. When I started school shopping I realized I'm
turning somewhat punkish. No, I'm not a punk...I'm still a
freak. But they way I dress is turning more's
been turning punk for a year. But I will never wear the
bright happy colors all the time. I still HATE pink, purple
and all those "happy" colors. lol. I'll stick with my red,
black, marron, gray, dark blue and white. They make me
happy! :)
"Can't I say I'm sorry, for everything that comes along
with me? With all the dissapointments I promise there is
something worth keeping"