My so called life...
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2002-07-21 18:32:19 (UTC)


Mood - Doin' Good
Listening to - John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth (Great Song!!!)

My stupid mouth has gotten me in trouble;
I said to much again;
To my date over dinner yesterday....

Sorry just had to sing along. Anyways, I'm in a pretty
good mood today, considering its 11:09AM on Sunday and I
don't have a hang over. Gavalin and Joe Joe drank up a
storm last night. Gavalin passed out last night. Well
actually Gav passed out first and alin followed shortly
after. Surprisingly, after drinking Scotch all night long,
I wasn't really that drunk. Actually I was pretty sober.
Gosh, what a waste.

I realized that the reason I don't have a girlfriend is
because I haven't allowed myself to have one. Well I'm
sure that's not the ONLY reason. I'm sure my poor social
status, level of education, lack of ambition, genetic
impurities, multipule character flaws, lack of overall
attract prowess, and my big fat gut might also have
something to do with it. NAaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

But seriously, this is the first time in the past 3 or 4
years that I actually want a girlfriend and I think if I
met the right person I would go for it. I know before no
matter who I met, I just wouldn't let myself get into that
situation. I just didn't think I was worthy enough of
having one. I guess what really hurt was the fact I was
broke. Damn college is expensive. I should have gone to a
UC or State U. Why the fuck are private schools so fuckin'
expensive? I guess I'm the dumbass for chosing to go to
one but how can you refuse Stanford? I guess its not that
hard if you got into Harvard. Enjoy your day, Martha

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