Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
2001-07-03 05:32:17 (UTC)

My Thought From Sunday

I`ve been sitting here trying to compile my next set of
thoughts and I`ve found that I`ve drawn a blank. I`m blaming
the awful weather. If the humidity doesn`t get to me, the
mugginess will.

Nothing real interesting has happened to me over the
weekend. But then again, I did stay home and didn`t step
foot outside of the apartment on Saturday. Only to smoke a
cigarette (sshhh... I know, tsk-tsk). I pretty much slept,
went online, slept some more, went online again, etc., you
get the picture.

When I was online I chatted with a friend of mine. She
really cracks me up. I need to admit her into a 12 step
program for people with an addiction to the internet. You
can`t tear her away from her computer. I told her that she`s
a junkie, and she pretty much agreed with me.

So, if any of you out there has a remedy, please let me
know, and I`ll pass on the information. Oh, and I already
suggested the cold turkey thing, and the taking away of her