2002-07-21 14:25:25 (UTC)


Yesterday was cool. I had lots of fun. First I went to the
beach club and chillin with my friends. Then I left there
and went to the temple that's where all the fun started. My
friends Jamie and Nisum came there both cool. It didn't
look like they had much fun though. It was cool. Anyways my
friend or best friend Jamie told me something that I didn't
want to hear. Well lots of things I didn't want to hear.
First she told me that she's going out with this kid that
asked her ou like 7 times and she finally gave in. Which I
don't approve of. Then she tells me that Nisum likes me.
Sorry but hes nice and all I don't know him that long and
he's a lil ugly. I like this other guy right now that went
to Florida 4, 7 days and won't be back till Friday.:( He
told me that he would call me, but who cares. My friends
are telling me that hes not a good person to date. But you
never know until you do. So I don't know if he likes me or
just playing with my head. I'm so cunfussed ahhh....and
then at the beach club where I hang out with all the Life
Guards, theres this 15yr girl that was messin with my man
please I don't need this shit to start in the morning. she
was like all over him. If im getting u cunfussed here how
it is I am single and not dating and body. Me and this guy
are tight hes looks after me and I look after him. So as I
was saying I think I got kinda jellous. Thats pathetic I
think. Which he's turning 20 in sept. and tha girl is the
same age as me and what a bitch she is. So... forget about
that I was at the temple and was waiting for someone like
Ricky hello were where u. You told me you where going to be
there. Oh well we'er still going to the city anywayz. lolz.
So right now im sitting on my fat ass righting this shit.
im so fuickin bored out of my skull. i wanted to go shot
sum pucks but my dad just got up and is to lazy. I don't
know what im going to do I luv hockey so much but theres
things in the way and it is stopping me from it. My mom was
like u have to finish yur muzik carrier and play in carike
hall. but i don't want to i just want to play hockey. and
swim for my skool but now one ever listens to me. LIFE

~Have a fuckin happy day i mean~
Unlike i have one which I don't do shit