nobody cares
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2002-07-21 13:37:52 (UTC)

not sure

ok today is the day that i will be able to see if someone
from my pass still likes me. in a way i hope they do
because then i want them to feel so bad that they lost me
for good... oh ya another topic someone who i thought i
almost lost last night was just confused and im not losing
them and im glad but depressed at the same time... WHY do
people give up so easily? y dont they fight for what they
want? could u imagine if every one fought for what they
believed in instead of giving up? on the other hand in some
cases its god that people do give up in some things like
fighting in a war, or being mad, but the good things in
life should have more effort put into them.
ya i was watchiing this show last night that this guy was
standing up on this tall pole and then he was gonna jump
down in a hug pit of boxes and i thought hey that wouldnt
be a bad idea without the boxes.. i swear i hate life i
hope this is hell because i hope that after u die u get
freedom from this all. i feel so used, and i have no self
confidence any more. its kinda bad when i cant even get
away from my home for a little while and someone is
fighting with me and yelling and bitching at me because i
dont know how to do anythiing
i hate myself
i cant cook
cant go one day without fighting with someone
no one cares about what im going through
not good in any sports
i can barely spell right
not good in any subject from school
i dont have any luck in love life(i mean its pretty bad
that i have to fool around with someone that we can never
go out bf and gf because of our parents. and the other guy
gave up completly and deosnt talk to me anymore) all i
really want is a fresh new start.
a new life a new person a new identity

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