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2002-07-21 09:10:36 (UTC)


It's been a while since I've written so I have some to
catch up on! Lets see... I had THE BEST time with Sam. Came
home, got a phone call from someone we'll just call him S.
But S has *really* been confusing me. During the year we
were cool, I thought he liked me, and my thinking led to
his coment to my good friend that I, "come on too strong"
so I backed up and of course you know I'm a fool and
started being good friends with him this summer and it's
turned into a somewhat strage relationship. Not that we're
dating or even talking, we'll just say it's a strange
relationship. His flirting is calling me mean names, being
mean to me, hitting me... so at times I think he hates me
then at others, like when he calls me and when he asks me
to do things with him or asks me to call him you can hear
the urgency in his voice. Well S called and he wanted to
hang out, it was a little too late in the night for me to
be going out again so I insisted on the next day (which
didn't happen...) but then we got into a conversation in
which I told him I was confused about him, that one minute
I thought he liked me and then the next that he hated me.
And that's when he told me that he did really like me a lot
it was just that he is "going to school this fall and
doesn't want to get in a serious relationship with me and
ruin it by meeting someone at school and cheating on me".
well atleast I know where we stand now. And then I had the
most amazing night/day. I didn't go to sleep, at all.
(until I had to go to work and I just went to sleep there,
ha) I talked with THE MOST amazing person in the world from
2am to 9:30 am when I had to go to work. Wow. what an
experience. I can't even begin to write what all was said
that made is so great. It was great knowing that It was
comforting knowing that someone so great was a part of my
life, and I theirs. So yes yesterday was the perfect day
for me. I couldn't have gotten any better.(Except my girl
Jenny is in cali and I'm about to die w/o her! love ya
girl!) I spent time with the most important people in my

*Kiss Me I'm Emo*