~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
2001-07-03 04:16:19 (UTC)

~*~Hot Day~*~

Today was the day of the Vans Warped Tour. I was supossed
to go with Ahlie but i couldn't get a hold of her so i took
Karyn with me. We had fun but i was bummed that i couldn't
go with Ahlie. I really miss being with her.

It was such a hot day only 101º. We were very hot. My dad
and Andrea (his g/f) met up with us there. I saw many
people that i knew. Like KYLE SEVIOR, Bud, Connie (from
spanky's), and many more people. Way too many to name
off. Everywhere i looked i saw someone i knew or
regognized. I ever saw Travis (ewwwwwww) the guy that i
slept with that one night after 6th and Main when Karyn and
i went with Kenan. He isn't bad looking or anything he
just isn't at all good in bed. LOL! I feel bad for him in
a way. But i said i didn't remember him when we saw him
one night at 6th and Main after the whole thing. He also
said he didn't remember me so i guess it might be better
that way. In a way i do kinda like him and i think he
coulda sucked because he was drunk and probably high, but i
donno. He seems to not want anything to do with me. I
have Jason and Yazmine anyway :-) But who knows maybe one
night i will end up seeing him again at his house or
something and we will hit it off again.

Ok enough about Travis lol...There were a few of my all
time favorite bands there today. Like Good Charlotte (met
them), Ataris (didn't stay to see em), New Found Glory, and
more. Tomorrow we are going to go see Our Lady Peace. I
am really looking forward to seeing them!!! The lead
singer is so hot and his voice could just make me ahh who
knows lol.

I have a pretty busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I am
planning on getting up kinda early to get ready and go get
my Snake (Stevo) and my Tarantula (Kahlua) some food. They
are both very hungry. Then at 1:00 Karyn, Tabitha, and i
are going to meet my dad to go rafting the boise river.
Then we have a concert that night.

Well, i better get to bed soon so i will actually be able
to get up in the morning. Nite nite!