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2001-07-03 04:02:55 (UTC)

03/07/01 - 1:55PM

This will be *yet* another short one. My freakshow kitty
parade will be lessed a little this afternoon, tube boy
will become merely punkitty... to borrow a friends email
name :) I should probably explain huh? The Minifat (yep,
that's my cats name) got attacked by another cat, he had to
be taken to the vet, where his head was shaved, a tub
inserted in his head to drain the excess fluids out of his
eye and his face was stitched up again. As of this
afternoon he will be minus the tube all going well.
Snowball of course is still Gimp Girl... and Eb is still
horrendously fat... so the tickets will still hot for those
booths at the freak show, but we anticipate a slight drop
in sales for Tube Boy now he can no longer claim the name
as the truth...

Hehe, I sound terrible, anyone would think I don't love my
kitties, but if I didn't I wouldn't have spent $250 to
create tube boy now would I??? *giggle*

I don't know what it is about my pets, I have owned
cannibal fish, cats who fall out of trees and break bones,
weirdo cats who would prefer to eat lettuce than hamburger
meat, ahh the list in endless. My pets are always
strange... I will have to find pictures of my pet sheep and
possums to pot on my site now that I think about it, might
make for an interesting menagerie page... (is that how you
spell it? Oh who cares...)

My Mum was playing with geneology sites on the net the
other day, and she found another me!! In Sydney... only
with a slightly differently spelled first name, I think it
is bizarre, both my names are pretty damned unusual... oh
well.. thought that was interesting!

Well I am in a good mood today... obviously :) I spite of
the fact I have no emails to answer and a ton of work to
do... so I had best get back to the grind..



"Humour brings insight and tolerance. Irony brings a deeper
and less friendly understanding" Agnes Repplier