Don Juan

2002-07-21 05:21:22 (UTC)


You know... I've never had (what I would call) a real
girlfriend. Being with them a lot, kissing at any given
time for no good reason except to kiss, walking them to the
door, kissing them goodnight, talking to them on the
phone... I've never had that. That's what I've always
wanted. I have that now. I walked her to the door tonight
like I've wanted to do for so long and it was everything I
expected it to be. She's bewitched me already.
She's just fun to be around... I need that in my
life right now. She's the perfect girlfriend. I
might even grow to love her. The way she looks at me, the
way she sqirms when she's trying to get away from me but
really wants to be close... it's just awesome to have a
real girlfriend for once. We've known each other forever,
but we've only been dating for a little longer than a week; but from
what I know about her
already... I think she's going to be good for me.
Everything that didn't connect in my life is all falling
into place. I don't think I ever want to be alone again.