2002-07-21 04:58:10 (UTC)

To Teresa:

I would start off by saying that I miss you greatly, but
that's a known fact. So I'll start with the point. I know
why I'm so picky when it comes to friends. Or atleast, why
I don't really like many people that I do hang with. It's
cause they're not like you!

You're the kind of friend I can do anything with. Talk
about everything. LITTERALLY. The kinds of friends I have,
well, their friendships only go so far.

Each is mainly into doing these things with me, anything
else is just not their style:
Aiondria- Movies, bowling
Justyna- skating, anything to do with Polish Pride
Kathy & company- school stuff, dull stuff, stuff school
people, improv (which only happens with the
phrase "since we're all here, let's play improv.")
Karoline- Parties, coffee, lake, sometimes movies and
chilling in the house.

As you can see, there is no one here I can just hang with
and talk to. Now let's compare you to the rest of these:

Teresa- Everything! Ex's: Movies, concerts, hanging out,
chilling at home, boredom, phone calls, deep conversations,
talking about anything and everything, bowling, dating,
dining, making food, school, theatre, music, parties,
internet, library, skating, trying new things, and the list
goes on...

I guess I keep trying to compare the qualities of them to
you. They never match up, and then I get hurt. It's always
that when I want to do something, I can only call up one
person for that. (That's my friend to do this with, that's
my friend to do that with...) This bites! If that person is
busy, or has other plans, if I wanna leave the house, I
have to go along with their plans. Which sucks. Cause I
wan't to be my own person, and do things that I wanna do.
That's why I keep waiting impatiently for college. I want
it so bad.

My goal at the simplest is this...
Go to Columbia, along with you. Be roomies in those great 2
roomie apartments. If that happens, I get a job, and have
enough money to drink coffee with you everyday. If I would
be able to accomplish that, then life would be perfect.
Even if the worst things happen to me. As long as these
things are not effected by the bad things, I'd be as happy
as a butterfly.

For life to be above joy, I would like to have
scholorships. Enough so that I wouldn't have to pay for
college at all. Or atleas not much. That my social life
would be going good, as well as my studies. That we would
never get into fights. I would do Yoga every morning, and
meditation every night. Nothing would come between us.

I'm really wishing now that the 3,300 miles wouldn't come
between us, but they did. Unfortunately. We get above that
though. But sometimes, I miss you so much, that the
distance does get to me.

I've pulled off my act, and now I am truly writing from the
heart. You're the only person I can do that with. Even when
it's not face to face. You're not just a best friend.
You're not just a sister. Not just a blood sister. You are
much more.

Even though I asked my parents about a trip to Callifornia,
I think it's skittles out of that. I'm still trying in vain
though. I have nothing else to do.

Best wishes sister dearest. For I must be dozing off now.
I'm joyous for you on your successes in life. Your job,
your friends, and your boyfriend. May your smiles shine the
way through the glooms of life, as they always do, and
bring you into joy, happiness, tranquility, and all the
best. I miss you so.


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