Life, Love and Heartache
2002-07-21 04:45:14 (UTC)

Prince Charming.........

Well things seem to be getting better to me. I am not too
sure about what is going on in his head..... but whatever
it is, I sure hope it's about me. I still don't know where
things are going to lead us, I really just hope it is
together. As for my ex, he won't give up. I know I don't
want to be with him, but how do I tell him? I am trying not
to hang on to Prince Charming because he has girls of his
own. I am trying to stay calm and cool. See how things go,
even though I hate moving slow. Oh well, I guess I am just
going to break my ex's heart, again. You would think after
all the things I did to that poor guy..... and he still
comes around.
You know when you are constantly thinking of someone, but
you don't really tell them everything that is going on in
your mind, because your words may scare them. I mean to
think about someone so much, and not be able to express
what you really want to. The things you want to say and do
on the phone. Kind of scared you might not get the same
response........ I don't know what I should be scared of.
Well I am kind of a controlling person when it comes to
guys I care about... I mean the guys I like, they are not
allowed to talk to any other girls until we are together,
then they can do what they want because I know they are
mine.... does that make sense. I am a very jealous girl.
Alrigth well enough of that... I had a long day at work and
I am a tired girl.

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