It smells like poop over here
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2002-07-21 04:34:47 (UTC)

good guys don't wear white

most of the time, minor threat songs are only like a minute
long, and you can't understand a word that ian mckaye is
saying, but you know he has some meaningful lyrics. i have
not a clue what "good guys don't wear white" means, but the
song "guilty of being white is good" i pretty sure it all
relates to nazi's in some way. could be, who knows?
oh man. i have to work with this gorgeous albanian girl
named anna. her face and her accent just knock me out.
she's got a nice booty going on too, cause im a dirty man
like that. i always ask her out, like half seriously, and
joking around. but it's becoming serious to me now. jesus h
christ, i fall in love at the drop of a hat i swear! but
anyway, she's 26 and im not 19, which is her excuse for not
going out with me. lauren said she already has b/f, but
hoping, persistance will pay off. she will be mine, oh yes,
she will be mine.
my god, she's beautiful, and her accent...oh dear. i
know she wasn't serious at all, but she said she wants to
marry me to get her green card. bullshit. wouldn't happen
anyway. course, her friend said the same thing. but both
wanna marry russel cause he's single, good looking, a
teacher and bought his own house. lucky bastard; russ is a
cool guy, i like working with him. i dont' think i could do
that, cause i know we'd have to split up and get a divorce
and what not. it'd be clean as cake...or something, but
with me wanting her, i don't know what id do if we were
married. oh man, that's fucked up, me in a marriage. she's
so hot man. fuckin a, why do i have to be such a sucker.
there's one born every minute. im one of them. i've got a
weakness for women, but not inthe "im a player, let's fuck,
cause i love chicks" it's more of, "oh my god, you
beautiful and nice, just like 10,000 other girls i like
that dont' like me, how bout i fall in love with you and
then ill just wallowing in my own crapulance" might has
well get bent over a barrell. that way it's physical pain,
not emotional. fuck me.