Lenore the fool

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2002-07-21 03:52:55 (UTC)

Welcome to paradise!

My friend is joking about buying me airplane tickets for
my birthday. Yeah he won't do that but it's really sweet.
And if he did what would my parents say, i mean i will be 18.
And he's just a friend and I plan for it to stay that way.
It'd be pretty cool though, I love to fly. I just really
love it. I've been flying since i was little, actually
before i was born. And it'd be great to see him and hey
minnesota might be fun. Yeah I really hope he doesn't
hopefor something to happen if he does that. I mean that
would suck. 2000 miles away feeling violated no where to go
and basically stuck. But it'd be fine i mean anything
happened either it'd be interesting and i'd be down or i put
on the brakes and he'd cool it and if he wanted a reason i'd
give it to him then it'd be a little ackward but it'd be cool
we'd be back to friends. Fuck what I'm worrying about?! He's
not actually gonna do it.


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