Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2002-07-21 03:19:57 (UTC)

Irritations and such...

So, as of like 2 minutes ago...something really just
started irking me. And it's prolly not even worth
mentioning, but I will anyways... How people who have been
your same boat for so long and then they switch boats and
think they're all of sudden better than you. Or when
people lie to you or tell you's just
irriates the piss outta me. I'm str8 forward about almost
everything in my life to anyone who cares enough to
ask....but people can't give me that same respect. I'm
good to some people for the good times, or rides or
whatnot....not to actually talk to. It just really pisses
me off. Some people have this holier than thou they're shit doesn't that
they've "switched boats" and "bettered" themself...well
yanno what???? FUCK OFF!! I have no time in my life to
deal with FALSE people and what I have here is a Case of
The Fake People! And that, my friends, is what I call
venting! And venting is the only purpose I have made this there you have it...FUCK OFF to everyone who
stupid, inconsiderate bastards!!! bye now